Meat Travels

This page is all about my travels. It will be a random bunch of pictures of meat related things from around the globe. As they say “have a butchers”….

Sri Lanka (March 2012)
Just back from a few days in Sri Lanka taking in a bit of cricket.

I had a bit of my usual hunt around for meat related things but as you probably know, like South India, much of the food is vegetarian with an additional abundance of Indian Ocean seafood. I did find these Chick Bits ā€¦. Iā€™m not sure which chick or which of its bits have been used.

We were also woken most mornings by what sounded like an ice cream van, but it turned out to be one of these patio-based tuk tuks that sold amazing fresh bread and other things that could have been anything but tasted great.



A horse butcher and foie gras farm in Brittany (October 2011)

A happy butcher in Morocco (September 2011)

Highland cattle in sunny Inverness (August 2011)

Albert Market, Banjul, The Gambia (November 2010)

Victor Churchill, Sydney. (October 2009)
The dry aged beef room at Victor Churchill. The beef is hanging on a moving circular rail.


Bad boy bacon slicer.

Gold sausage link handle to enter the shop.

Beef display.


and a great delivery van ….

Hudson Meats, Surry Hills, Sydney. (October 2009)
Hudson Meats, amazing aged beef. That’s all I need to say………


C Butchery, Sydney. (October 2009)


Petaling Market, Kuala Lumpur.
(October 2009)
Wicked butcher in the Petaling Market.


What a great name.


Skilled butcher, hard at work.


Farmers Market, Sydney.
(October 2009)
This guy was amazing. He sells knives and resharpens them, but does them on the back of his bike! It’s different from any delivery pizza bike by a long way.


South of France. (December 2009)
Foie Gras market stall.

Cape Town, South Africa.
(January 2010)
Biltong shop in the V & A.

Newlands Cricket Ground – a great mobile sausage van and kebab Ape van which both kept the Barmy Army going for the test match.

My favourite biltong stall at the cricket, can’t beat it with a beer.

Slovakia (August 2010)

On a pre-season trip via Bratislava to see Leeds United play in Ruzemberok.
A butchers shop in Ruzemberok – plenty of salami and sauerkraut but much of the meat was pre-packaged and it was a bit disappointing not to see any wild stuff such as boar.

Charlie the Butcher.


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