Hang outs


I feel it’s only right to share my little secrets with you about meat, food and other ramdon place I think are worth a visit check them out.


Magdalen – London Bridge, London     website

St Johns – London    website

Anchor & Hope – Waterloo, London    reviews and directions

Great Queen Street – London

Gordon Ramsay, Royal Hospitial Road – London    website

Theo Randall at the Intercontinental Hotel – Park Lane, London     website

Bodeans – Soho, London     website

Inside – Greenwich, London     website

Franklins – East Dulwich, London

Anthony’s – Leeds     website

Salvos – Leeds     website

Longrain – Sydney     website

Fratelli Fresh – Sydney     website

Sean’s Panaroma – Bondi     website

Nelsons Eye – Cape Town    reviews

Royale Eatery – Cape Town    reviews

Melissa’s – Cape Town    website

Hudsons Burgers – Cape Town   reviews


Monmouth Coffee – London     website

Toby’s Coffee – Sydney     website

Vida e Caffe – All over South Africa


Neals Yard Diary – London      website

Cheese Board – Greenwich, London      website


  • Maggies – Lewisham, London
  • Hand Made Food – Blackheath, London
  • Traflagar Cafe – Greenwich, London
  • Deptford Project – Deptford, London    website
  • Bill’s – Sydney     website


My local boozer is The Greenwich Union, owned and run by the great Meantime Brewery and also has a decent cricket team.

My great trotter picture on the front page was taken by my good mate Michael Harvey, his website is well worth a visit.


6 responses to “Hang outs

  1. What about:
    Nick Ellis Grill@ The Mayhill Arms
    Shaw’s Brasserie @ The Mayhill Arms

    Two michellin star kitchens in the same gentlemans club

  2. Is the Deptford Project an old train thats been converted into a cafe? or am i thinking of something else?

  3. Don’t agree with you about Maggies. Can’t stand the old bag.

  4. Thanks for the post I actually learned something from it. Very good content on this site Always looking forward to new post.

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