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Chick Bits – Sri Lanka

Sorry about the recent lack of posts but I’ve been away in Sri Lanka taking in a bit of cricket.  The trip was terrific apart from the result in Galle.

I had a bit of my usual hunt around for meat related things but as you probably know, like South India, much of the food is vegetarian with an additional abundance of Indian Ocean seafood. I did find these Chick Bits …. I’m not sure which chick or which of its bits have been used.


We were also woken most mornings by what sounded like an ice cream van … but it turned out to be one of these patio-based tuk tuks selling the most amazing fresh bread and various treats.



Charlie the Butcher



Its been a while. I’ve been on a couple of little trips and as always I’ve snapped away.


The beautiful highland cattle.


A happy butcher.

France- Somewhere

I always love the range of butchers shop fronts in France. They seem very welcoming to me, I took lots of pictures but wont bore you with them all.

Horse Butcher.

Foie Gras Farm-France

Its been a little while since my last post but I’m back on the blog so keep your eyes open. Bacon Jam etc…….

Charlie the Butcher.

South of England Rare Breeds Centre

Rare breed meat is a rare thing. It’s great to see it becoming more popular in butchers’ windows and on restaurant plates. With some old breeds almost lost through intensive farming programmes and only a handful of some breeds left it is time to keep on supporting the farming of these beautiful animals. But it’s all well and good asking for Old Spot Pork or Longhorn Beef but if you can’t relate to these animals now is your chance.
With summer in England here, or maybe not, it’s a great chance to visit some of the Rare Breed Centres dotted around the place. It was a smashing weekend recently and I was visiting Rye in Sussex for the weekend. Rye is a lovely place and whilst there I decided to visit the South of England Rare Breed Centre . Well what a great introduction to rare breeds this place is. They have a small selection of rare breed cattle including Longhorns and White Park along side Old Spot and Berkshire pigs and the famous Tamworth Two! They also have a pig race which is much fun. It’s a real chance to get up close to theses rare breeds and a smashing day out. So get yourself down to your local rare breed farm.
I’m currently in Glossop, Derbyshire, working at the amazing J W Mettricks Butchers as part of my Gary Baker Award. So, sorry for the lack of updates but lots of tales to follow.

Charlie the Butcher.