About Charlie the butcher

Welcome to my meat and all things meaty blog. It covers everything from cleavers to cooking with an ounce of other choice cuts along the way.  I’m a young butcher in a old man’s trade.

About me? Well,  I am a butcher by trade in London’s Borough Market, but here is a little background information about me.

It all started years ago with long winter nights curing my own pork belly to make decent streaky bacon and grinding away on a hand meat mincer to make bangers. This passion soon led to me packing my bags and with a little savings move up to Leeds, Yorkshire, England to study Meat Technology at Leeds Thomas Danby College (which is one of only a small handful of Colleges that offer such a course).

My year at Leeds was amazing ‘meating’ great people in halls, College and other randoms I bumped into along my way. Apart from watching my beloved football team Leeds United getting relegated that season. It was a fantastic year and I learned a huge amount at College from my tutors, Dave and Chris. I have the upmost respect for both of them. I even managed to win an award with my classic pork, honey and wholegrain sausage and pork, Scrumpy Jack and  homegrown bramley apples. This meant a lot to me and has given me the drive ever since. I even went on BBC Radio Leeds and made page 7 in The Yorkshire Evening Press.

When the year ended I had a couple of offers on the butcher’s block but decided to move back south to London and start my full time butchery career. This led me to Borough Market, the home of good seasonal food capital of London.

Please feel free to contact me and comment on the blog.


SHE magazine – December 2010 ….

Christmas is coming

…… interview about the run up to Christmas.

Time Out – December 2010 ….. ‘Make the most of your meat …. six suggestions to ensure fleshy delights …..’

Cooking advice from Charlie - Time Out, Dec 2010

Yorkshire Evening Press “Award winning banger with all the right ingredients”

BBC Radio Leeds (2007) “sausage king”

Meat Traders Extra (2008) “Charlie has the right ingredients”

BBC Radio London (2009) “Passionate young butcher”

Time Out London (2009) “Charlie Shaw butcher of distinction”

Olive Magazine (Jan 2010) – Rosie Lovell of Rosie’s Cafe & Deli, Brixton … “… with meat from Charlie in Borough, follow his advice …”

Olive Magazine (Feb 2010)  “Charlie Shaw is a meat fiend. As well as working as a full time butcher at London’s Borough Market, he also writes this lively and well-illustrated blog packed with tips, recipes and ideas for getting the best out of your meat.”


Manager – Butchers Shop Of The Year (London & South England) 2010

Meat Traders Journal “Runner up Young Butcher of the Year 2008”

British Pig Executive “Pork, honey and wholegrain mustard Sausage”

British Pig Executive “Scrumpy, pork and fresh Bramley apple sausage.”

The Worshipful Company Of Butchers : Gary Baker Award 2010

Media and Publicity


BBC London

BBC Leeds

Television Appearances

BBC Master Chef

Good Food Channel- Market Kitchen

BBC- Uncut

BBC Three- Chop Idol

UKTV Food- Market Kitchen


The Guide G2

Time Out

The Times

Meat Traders Journal – Training Supplement December 2009,  “… he has made something of a name for himself … ”

Jamie Oliver Magazine




53 responses to “About Charlie the butcher

  1. Hi Chuck Tender ……I’m loving the blog … so much so that I will treat you to lunch at Hix’s new Soho restaurant ….. H

  2. Di from SE Heaven

    Hi Chas – we need you in SE7 (and 3 and 10) ! Totally impressed with the breadth of your knowledge……Dan and Dee looking forward to great things on Bonfire Night at the Mayhill Meat Factory.

  3. Hi Chas
    It’s such a pity you’re not in Belgravia – you’d make a mint from the posh locals and i could get some decent meat once in a while. Love the blog it’s both colourful and informative. Are you international now?
    fan Viv

  4. Steve and Charlotte

    Excellent Chas. The boy done good!!! Going to Leeds was a great idea even though the team went down that year!!!!

    Your bacon and sausages are delicious, but you won’t get your hands on 2 Spot and Gloria!!!

    Keep up the good work!!!

  5. Rather a tasty bit of meat Charlie!

  6. Best meat related blog in the world? x

  7. Carlsberg don’t do butchers, but if they did, they’d probably hire you, as your the best butcher in the world big boy.

    Come back to the smoke soon, The Mayhill Arms misses its head chef!

  8. Thanks Nick, Just wrapping up my sydney meat/brother visit, back via KL then see you monday evening.

  9. Nice site Chas.

    Can’t wait for you to show me the right wayto do a deer. As soon as I get one I’ll call you.

  10. kevin. east dulwich

    your doing well chas but leave my chickens alone especially” jen the hen a bit of a posh bird ” good luck mr

  11. Brilliant meat blog Charlie and carnt wait for you to cook the suckling pig for us! You look pretty tasty too!

  12. Great blog!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love to meat you Ha Ha.

  13. Cool blog!

    You should also check out this great Aussie foodie blog! http://dadinnerblog.wordpress.com/

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  15. chipolata off the old block

    Good looking Blog and Blogger…

  16. chipolata off the old block

    May we add
    Richard HAMmond
    Amanda Lamb
    The Chicky Girls
    Tony Hart
    Ducktor Who
    Ingrid Burgerman

  17. Hey Charlie! An impressive blog. You would handle an Aussie BBQ with ease.

    Any suggestions on how to handle ‘roo?

  18. Scootered back to the office with all the shopping to eat sausage rolls and read the site. Love it. We tweeted about it

  19. Thanks Holly cant beat a sausage roll for lunch!

  20. Excellent blog! Consider yourself roundly blogrolled! 🙂


  21. Hey … you have changed the photo on your front page ….. I’m sure you can find a place for the trotter picture let’s have that photo of you back there

  22. Hi Charlie.

    Thanks for the tips on curing today. Will let you know how I get on.

    As discussed, my blog is mostly restaurant oriented, but I thought you might like this post:


    Not to mention this one (which you or your colleagues had a hand in):


    See you soon,


  23. Enjoyed it Charlie keep up the good work lancashire hot pot also had traditionally lambs kidneys.

  24. This looks set to be an amazing blog! Can’t wait to see more. Can’t believe you’re a celeb butcher pretty much lol.

    Count me as a fan!

  25. LOVE the film… all my favourite TV bits in one!

  26. Great showreel chaz. Can you put your chestnut ice cream recipe on here or is it going off message too much? You could always sprinkle it with bacon bits… 🙂

  27. Great site Charlie. Very impressive and a media star as well. Being a bit of a foodie myself loved all the tips and recipes. As you know H and myself are known to frequent Chinese buffets for a good chat and tuck in but we do reserve the meat for the evenings. NB: Xmas letter is currently in preparation so keep yourself in readiness for its arrival. Happy Christmas.Maurice

  28. Hey Chaz mate. Great blog you’ve got going here man, really bloody interesting. I spent literally half an hour last night just reading through some of your posts. Keep up the good work.

  29. Great site Charlie. Very impressive and a media star as well. Being a bit of a foodie myself loved all the tips and recipes. As you know H and myself are known to frequent Chinese buffets for a good chat and tuck in but we do reserve the meat for the evenings. NB: Xmas letter is currently in preparation so keep yourself in readiness for its arrival. Happy Christmas.Maurice

  30. Hi Charlie,
    Are you free on Wednesday, August 18th at midday for a red wine tasting session?
    Kind regards, Krista x

    • Hey Krista,

      Sorry in the late reply. Hope your well and the wine tasting went well. Sorry I didn’t pop along for the tasting. We are very busy at work at the minute and couldn’t manage to get any cover. Put me down for the next tasting and will come along. Thanks again for the invite chaz

  31. Noticed your blog on del.icio.us today and truly enjoyed it.. i saved it and will be back to check it out some more later .. As a Noob, I am continually seeking online for posts that can help me. Thanks! My best wishes, Crista Quammen.

  32. desperate belgian

    Hi there Charlie, very informative blog, I was wondering if you new anywhere I could get horse meat from in Britain? Best wishes with your meaty endeavours.

  33. Exactly what I was searching for! I have no idea how google ranks ur web site for About Charlie the butcher | Butchers Hook. That’s actually great!

  34. I wanted to with thanks for this terrific read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it.I have you saved as a favorite to check out new stuff you blog post.

  35. Hi Charlie, this is Sarah, I brought some of the kids I work with from Bermondsey to see a butchery demo at Boro. It was hugely successful and the kids still talk about it! Is there any chance I could bring a group to Borough on Wednesday? This group are a bit older, unemployed young people from Bermondsey. I’m teaching them a ‘healthy eating’ course, and placing big emphasis on knowing who you buy your food from and doesn’t always need to be expensive, cheaper cuts and all that. Anyway, if you could accommodate us it would be wonderful. I can’t see your mobile number on this site. Mine is 07931 373646. Hope to hear from you. Kindest wishes Sarah.

  36. hi-ya, I like all your posts, keep them coming.

  37. pork recipes cooking fan

    Nice to see this old trade getting media attention. I think the average city dweller today is completely removed from the meat and poultry production industry. We have this feeling that what we buy in the store was never a part of a living, breathing animal. One really has to go out to a farm where animals get raised for butchering to understand the place we human beings hold in the food chain.

  38. Cheers, a really interesting read – added to favourites so will visit back for new content and to read other people’s comments. Thanks again.

  39. Can’t wait to read more of your articles in the future. thumbs up!.

  40. Useful website. Thanks for sharing.

  41. This was a great post, thanks for the info.

  42. Thank you for the tips. It helped me a lot.

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  44. hi can you please help me can you send me any information or recipes for lambs plucks & pigs frys please for my butchery dipploma course butcher set us this task would be a big help regards pete

    • Hi Peter, it is a bit busy in the run up to Christmas but here’s a quick bit of info …

      Lambs ‘pluck’, it consists of a lambs heart, a lambs liver, lambs lungs/lights and also some lamb suet/fat and lamb shoulder trimmings.

      Haggis traditionally uses pluck go to this bit of my blog …

      Possible recipe
      Lamb’s Pluck With Oregano ( Entosthia Ladarigani ) 8 t0 10 portions 1 portion ( 130 grams )= 340 calories coking time 50 min
      1 large lamb’s pluck, or two small ones

      1 onion, finely chopped

      1 cup of cooking oil ( Taste is Better with Olive oil )

      2 lemons

      teaspoon of flour


      salt & Pepper

      Wash the pluck well and cut into pieces. Put into a frying pan with oil, onion and garlic, adding the oregano salt and pepper. When the pluck has browned lightly all over, pour in enough water for final cooking. Squeeze the lemons into a bowl and add the flower and 1/2 cup of water.Mix well and add to the pluck, shaking the pan. Boil for 2 to 3 minutes and serve hot.

  45. hi thanks for your reply & your help know your all busy but when its all finished have a stiff tipple & a merry christmass to you all thanks again regards pete

  46. Very interesting article. It helps me a lot.

  47. Love Life. Love Tripe. http://youtu.be/kRrSx9ag4fg Share the love!

    (Love your blog!)

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