Monthly Archives: June 2011

Bag of Meat

Well, meat is making the front cover of music albums. Yes it’s true. The Victorian English Gentlemens Club have released an album called “Bag of Meat”

I’ve not listened to the album but it has good reviews.  I hope it’s a chopping good album. Sorry it’s the best I could think of.

Charlie the Butcher.


Pheasant Eggs

Well a couple of weeks ago we got a couple of egg trays of some beautiful pheasant eggs.
The colour and the size of the eggs are the first thing that caught my eye. The colour is a blue/ green a little like a country homes kitchen or a wall in Laura Ashley shop. They are the size of a squash ball. I was not too sure about how to eat these beautiful eggs, so a quick search said with celery salt. But I fancied them fried on bread so I did. The result was great, a lovely yellow colour and a delicate taste. If you see them buy them. Make a change to soak up that Sunday morning hangover. Well it worked for me with a black filter coffee. Be quick because the season runs from April to the end of June, so we only have a couple of weeks left.
I.m off to Inverness for the weekend for a wedding and hopefully a visit to a farm to see some Highland cattle.

Charlie the Butcher.