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Meat Raffle

Meat Raffle with Al Murray

DAVE  the digital channel has produced six one-hour episodes of Al Murray’s “Compete For The Meat” – based on his 2010 sell-out Edinburgh Festival show.

Four teams take part in each episode and the series started earlier in May.

This new series sees Al back to his best. You may remember his face from his legendary Pub Landlord  pub quiz show.

And that’s not all – like those quizzes your mum and dad used to take you to back in the day, teams compete for a side of meat. It’s television’s only meat-based quiz show. I’m sure there is a huge market for a Saturday night meat raffle shows.

The ‘steaks’ are high as the Guv’nor himself asks the questions to four teams of two, who play for the honour of taking home a frozen chicken and the accolade of being slightly smarter than the competition. Runners-up can expect to walk away with sausages, while the only thing the losing team can look forward to is a Slow Walk of Shame.

Al Murray’s “Compete for the Meat “is on DAVE at 9.00 pm on Thursdays, and repeated  like top gear all week. That is Thursdays nights sorted.!/CompeteForMeat

Sorry I’ve not posted in a little while, I’ve been a busy young bee. But I’m back to the blog and have a couple of things up my apron. So watch this space. Cheers.

Charlie the Butcher.