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Bacon Connisseurs’ Week

Happy Bacon Connisseurs’ Week to you all.  It starts on Monday 21st March.

From dry cured to Wiltshire cured and maple cured to oak smoked, Bacon Connoisseurs’ Week 2011 celebrates the vast range of lip-smacking, quality bacon available for us to savour.  This year’s Bacon Ambassador is the one and only Oz Clarke. As the most recognised wine critic in the UK, Oz is lending his sophisticated palate to help explore the many flavours and uses of one of Britain’s best-loved ingredients. “Whenever flavour is needed, bacon delivers. Ask any chef across the nation and they will agree. Bacon by itself or bacon to add flavour, is unique.”

Bacon sarnie ..... mmmm

Click here for more information including some handy advice on curing bacon, various cuts and recipes.

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Good news for Cumberland sausages

The coiled Cumberland sausage is to have its name protected throughout Europe after winning special status.

Cumberland sausage ..... mmmm

Jim Paice, the Food Minister, said that the sausage had been awarded Protected Geographical Indication Status. “This should be a significant boost to Cumbrian producers, who will now be able to prove that their product is the real thing.”

Traditional Cumberland displaying the PGI mark will have been produced, processed and prepared in Cumbria and contain at least 80% meat and be at least 20mm thick to achieve the characteristic coarse texture.

Cumberland sausages, which date back to the 16th century, are the 44th UK food and drink product to be given this protection. You can find the full list of PGI protected UK products here.

If you want to know a bit more about the history of sausages have a look here at one of my earlier posts.

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Pigs can fly ?!

Click here for the latest consumer feedback ….

Cheap laugh ……. you couldn’t make it up !!!

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National Butchers Week 2011

Happy National Butchers Week to everyone. National Butchers Week was set up by the Meat Trades Journal to provide the retail butchery sector with a platform to promote their business. The aim of the week is to raise the profile of the trade among consumers, promoting butchers as a beacon of excellence for all things meat, and as a potential career to young people. Please pop along to your local butchers for a look because many will runnning special events of promotions.

We, as a trade, offer great service, advice, skills and knowledge. Go on, treat yourself to a steak this week and support your butcher. But remember even when it’s not National Butchers Week, support your local butcher. To find your local shop check it out here

There is a full article here and you might just recognise someone.

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