The Gambia

With the weather turning and the dark nights drawing closer and closer, it was time for a holiday. So off to The Gambia I went. If you fancy a sunny, different, smiley and happy holiday, Gambia is the place to go.
My holidays are always like a “bus man’s holiday” dragging my poor girlfriend along with me I always plan a little meat related trip. When you say Gambia and meat it’s a little different to Australia and meat or the USA and meat. So after a quick thumb through the Rough Guide,  Albert Market in the capital Banjul was the place to check out.
We found a guide and asked him to take us to the meat market, so off we headed through little lanes turning left and right via great spice and fish stalls. We finally got to butchers’ row. It was a buzzing place with lots of shouting and cutting. I got behind the block and to the butchers’ amazement showed off a little bit of skill and also had a great little chat about the trade.
As you can see I met the coolest butcher ever the guy in his shades. I’m thinking it’s the way forward so watch out !

If you are ever in Banjul pop by the Albert Market and have a butchers.

Charlie the Butcher.


5 responses to “The Gambia

  1. chop off the old block

    Can’t wait to hear more. What sort of meat were you butchering?
    Fingers crossed for the Butchers Shop of the Year Award.
    See you soon x

  2. Adam Van den bussche

    How did the hygene compare to the UK??
    Did you buy / eat anything from here?

    I went there a few years ago – my enduring memorey is the smell, which I should add was not too different from Billingsgate in the summer or the Dubai Fish market at any time of year!!

    • Hi Adam,

      The hygene levels weren’t the best, better then I was expecting. It was great fun. I couldn’t buy anything as I was
      staying in a hotel. The fish in Gambia is amazing, very fresh and enjoyable. I will have to remember Dubai Fish
      Market if I’m ever close.


  3. Hello Chazza, just stumbled across your blog while on one of my adventure on the interweb. Loving your work mate. I didn’t realise what a meaty sensation you’ve become. Well done mate, doing the John Roan lot proud.

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