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Meat-related apps

I’ve been at the research again looking for the latest Apple Apps that you might find handy.  Here goes with the first few …..


Quality Standard and Red Tractor Beef and Lamb present iBBQ – the essential tool for the English summer.

iBBQ is brought to you by EBLEX, the Organisation for English Beef + Lamb.

The app lets you ……..

  • find the nearest Quality Standard butchers and great outdoors barbecue locations
  • browse a range of delicious beef, lamb, salad and marinade recipes, plus hints and tips
  • check the latest weather by checking our forecast and watching the in-App weather change
  • ensure your barbecue is a total success by following our expert tip list
  • create and share a customized invite from the App, and get ready to show off your BBQ skills

Please note that the location features ‘find butchers’ and ‘barbecue locations’ in England.

This app is a freebie and you get it from …. here.


Master the grill.

This is one meaty app. Whether you’re grilling a filet mignon or a rib-eye, iSteak makes sure every steak you put on your grill comes out perfectly. Keep track of the cooking times for up to eight individual steaks. Just select a cut, use the multi-touch ruler to determine how thick it is and decide how you want it cooked – from rare to well done.

A perfect steak everytime!!!

Whether it be New York strips, Filet Mignon, or any other type of cut, iSteak makes sure every steak you put on your BBQ is cooked to perfection. The advanced HACT algorithm calculates exact cooking times for all your guests’ steaks based on basic inputted parameters.

iSteak 3.0 features include:

  • up to eight individually customizable steaks can be added to your virtual grill,
  • choose from 15 different cuts of meat to cook
  • onscreen multi-touch ruler helps find exact thickness of steaks
  • ability to choose desired cooking level for each steak (rare, medium, etc.)

So invite all your friends over for a little party, and impress them with your new steak cooking skills.

This isn’t a freebie but looks a snip at £1.19, get it from ….. here

Ask the butcher

From my old mates at Vic’s Meat (Sydney). Ask The Butcher is the ultimate meat cooking application for professionals and aspiring home master chefs! Impress your friends at your next BBQ with the unique Cooking Timer and mouth-watering exclusive recipes from one of the world’s leading charcuterie chefs.

Ask The Butcher’s success has led to mentions and articles in such publications as The New York Times, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, AppShopper, SmokinApps, FreshApps and more!

Look for Version 1.1 with features that include :

  • NEW ‘Recipe Timer’ for every recipe
  • U.S. names for all cuts
  • additional cooking methods for the timer
  • additional weights for the timer

This app is not a freebie and appears to be $1.99 get it from …. here

Let me know if you come across any others.